Flutter Tips 57-63

June 7, 2020 • ☕️ 4 min read

#Day57 typedef

typedef is used when you want to give an alias to a Function signature. As it can be laborous and error prone to type the Function Signature in every field or return type. As a bonus, we do not lose Function’s type info.

Steps to use typedef:

Step 1 : Define a typedef with Function Signature outside a class.

    typedef UserSelector = User Function(String, String);

Step 2 : Replace the Function Signature with typedef to declare members or return type.

class A{
    //Use this ✅
    UserSelector userSelector;

    // Not this ❌
    User Function(String, String) userSelector;

    A ({this.userSelector});

Step: Simply pass function/ lambda like you did before.

//Pass lambda 
var a = A(userSelector: (id, authKey) {
  return User(id, "User name");

//Pass Method
var a = A(userSelector: getUser)

User getUser(String id, String key) {
    return User(id, "User name");

#Day58 Easy Flutter installation

Still confused installing flutter in mac/linux easily?

  1. Download Flutter zip.
  2. Decompress it in desired directory.
  3. cd to that desired directory from terminal. [🚨⚠️ flutter should be inside desired directory]
  4. Run the following command

    If you are using zsh:
    echo "\nexport PATH="\$PATH:`pwd`/flutter/bin"">>~/.zshrc ; source ~/.zshrc
    If you are using bash:
    echo "\nexport PATH="\$PATH:`pwd`/flutter/bin"">>~/.bashrc ; source ~/.bashrc

#Day59 Black Life matter

Black lives matter. ✊🏿 & Racial Equality should be the norm.

This is a tip not just for Flutter developers but to all humans.

This is my tip number #59.


#Day60 Using SVG

Even though flutter doesn’t support any vector graphics out of the box, the package flutter_svg can render svg into Flutter app.

  1. Add dependency : flutter_svg: ^version
  2. Start using it like Flutter Image Widget.

    //load SVG from network"", height: 200)
    //load SVG from assets folder
    SvgPicture.asset("assets/ufo.svg", height: 200)

visit flutter_svg


#Day61 Using Flare Animations

Similar to vector graphics, Flutter doesn’t support vector animation natively. Rive ( helps with amazing vector animations in Flutter.

  1. Add flare in pubspec.yaml:

    flare_flutter: ^version
  2. Download flare files from & put those .flr files into assets/ folder:

        - assets/
  3. Start using FlareActor widget.

        //🚨Caution🚨, you can find 👉 #animation name in
        //left bottom 👈👇 of designer tool when
        //Animation tab is selected
        animation: "world")

Visit Flare and SVG sample


#Day62 pubspec autocomplete

When we want to add a dependency only way is either going to github document or

We can directly add dependencies from our IDEs using extensions/plugins.

For VS code : Pubspec Assist For Android Studio : Flutter Enhancement Suite
a a

P.S. Flutter Enhancement Suite comes with a lot of other great features.

#Day63 cachednetworkimage

cached_network_image helps to show and cache image from Internet.

It shows image from cache if it’s already cached instead of downloading.

It will make app feel faster and save network bandwidth.

  1. Add cachednetworkimage in pubspec.yaml

    cached_network_image: ^version
  2. Start using CachedNetworkImage.

            imageUrl: imageUrl,
            placeholder: (context, url) => CircularProgressIndicator(),
            errorWidget: (context, url, error) => Icon(Icons.error),

get cachednetworkimage CachedNetworkImage
a a