Flutter Tips 50-56

May 31, 2020 • ☕️ 4 min read

#Day 50 Use a is! A instead of !(a is A)

Flutter has special keyword to check if an instance is not a type.

var name = "Hello World";

// ✅✅Right way✅✅
assert(name is String);

//❌❌Wrong way❌❌
assert(!(name is int));

// ✅✅Right way✅✅
assert( name is! int); 

#Day51 Named constructor

Have you been using static methods to initialze Objects with name?

Use named constructor :

class Color {
    Color({this.r, this.b, this.g});
    int r = 0, g = 0, b = 0;

    // ❌ static method
    static Color red() => Color(r: 255,g: 0,b:255);                                      
    // ✅ named constructor {
        r = 255;

    // ❌ static method
    static Color cyan() => Color(r:0, b: 128, g: 128);
    // ✅ named constructor
    Color.cyan(): g = 128, b = 128;
    // ✅ named constructor
    Color.cyan() {
        g = 128;
        b = 128;

#Day52 Imports on Steroids 💉💉

as : If we import two or more libraries that have conflicting identifiers, we can use them with prefix. given after as keyword.

import 'package:library.dart' as lib;

show : Show only certain class and hide everything else from it.

import 'dart:math' show max,tan;

hide : Hide only certain class & show everything else from it.

import 'dart:core' hide String;


#Day53 final vs const

final and const in dart are confusing to the level we think both of them are same. Let’s see their diffrences

final (global / static / member variables) const (static / global variables)
Has single value of a member or static or global variable from start to end. Has single value of a static or global variable from start to end.
Different objects of same type can have different final values in same member varaible. Different objects of same type cannot have different const values in same varaible. (i.e. const members should be static)
Should be initialzed before constructor is called. Should be strictly initialized during declaration.
Only the final declared member/staic/global variable objects are immutable, their content variables may not. i.e. variables inside final objects can be udpated / reassigned if they are not final themselves. All const declared Golbal/static variable objects including all their internal content varibales are immutable and cannot be changed.
Can be intialized with immutable/ mutable / calculated values determined at compile time or runtime. Can be initialized with only immutable values with all their immutable internal varaibles, determined at compile time.

We can take example of various computers and how they can be compared with dart modifiers. final vs constant

#Day54 FutureBuilder

If you want to display data from API backend or any async source, use FutureBuilder.

FutureBuilder will automatically give you Widget with default value until the data arrives from API/ async Source.

As soon as the real data arrives, it will rebuild the Widget with actual data.

Just provide the async function / source that will return the values asynchronously along with initial(default) data.

It works very similar to StreamBuilder

    //Future Builder
        initialData: [],
        future: FakePlayersAPI().getPlayers(),
        builder: (context, snapshot) {
            if ( return CircularProgressIndicator()
            else return PlayersListWidget(

    //Fake Backed API.
    class FakePlayersAPI {
        Future<List<Player>> getPlayers() async {
            await Future.delayed(Duration(seconds: 1));
            return _players;

        Future<String> getPlayerStory() async {
            await Future.delayed(Duration(seconds: 1));
            return playerStoryText;

try on codepen

future builder

#Day55 Get the easy Navigation library

Bored of writing PageRoute,context and builder without actual use of them just to navigate to different Widget? Use get: ^version library.

Also this gives us superpower to navigate/show dialog/ BottomSheet/ Snackbar withoutBuildContext, there might be cool patterns to be developed with this freedom.

  1. Just Replace your MaterialApp with GetMaterialApp.
  2. Start navigating like this :

    //Go to next screen;
    //Show dialog
    //Show bottom sheet
    //Show snackbar 
    Get.snackbar(title, subTitle);

visit library



#Day56 pub outdated

Maintaining latest versions of pub dependencies is pain. Even worse, every latest versions are compatible.

From dart 2.8 onwards, the command pub outdated gives you the overview of your dependencies and possible upgrades in Resolvable column.


🚨🚨Tip: use flutter pub outdated if pub outdated can’t find Flutter SDK.