Flutter Tips 36-42

May 18, 2020 • ☕️ 4 min read

#Day36 Implicit Interface of class

Did you know you can extend and implement a class in Dart?

  • No need to create IInterface to mock a class.
  • No need to extract IInterface as Contract / Protocal

Every class implicitly defines an interface containing all the instance variables, methods getter and setters.

  1. extends -> must override abstract methods, other methods and variables override optional. i.e can inherit parent’s behavior.
  2. implements -> Every methdos and variables must be overriden. i.e. can’t inherit parent behavior

            Dart has implicit Interface of every class          
    class A {
        //Optional @override for 'extends' &&  must for 'implements'. 
        var name;
        //Optional @override for 'extends' &&  must for 'implements'.     
        void normalMethod() => print("B -> Normal Method");
    abstract class B{
        //must @override in both 'extends' and 'implements'.
        void abstractMethod();
    //Non abstract 
    class C extends A {} // ✅
    class C implements A {} //❌ Must override name & normalMethod()   
    class C extends B {} //❌ Needs to override `abstractMethod()`
    class C implements B {} //❌ Needs to override `abstractMethod()`
    //Abstract Child
    abstract class C extends A {}  // ✅
    abstract class C implements A {} // ✅
    abstract class C implements B {} // ✅ 
    abstract class C extends B {} // ✅ 

#Day37 Animated Switcher

Use Animated Switcher for smooth transition when a widget is switched with another.


  1. duration of transition
  2. dynamic child &
  3. TransitionBuilder like Fade,Scale,Rotation

Then, Flutter will handle the rest.

        duration: Duration(milliseconds: 800),

        child: shouldShowCard ? CreditCardFront() : CreditCardBack(),

        transitionBuilder: (child, animation) {
            print("Animation asked ${widget.runtimeType}");
            return FadeTransition(
                child: child,
                opacity: animation,

try in codepen


#Day38 GestureDetector widget

Use Gesture Detector to detect gestures like tap, double Tap, press, LongPress, pan, drag, zoom etc.

All those callbacks behave like onClick(){} on Button.

    onTap: //Tapped
    onDoubleTap: //"Double Tapped
    onLongPress: //Long Press
    onLongPressEnd: //Long Press ends
    onPanStart: // Pan Started
    onPanUpdate: //"Pan" +
    onPanEnd: //Pan Ended
    onHorizontalDragStart: //"Drag" + draginfo
    child: Padding(
        padding: const EdgeInsets.all(48.0),
        child: InkWell(
        child: Card(
            child: Center(
                child: Text(
                style: TextStyle(fontSize: 20, 
                    fontWeight: FontWeight.w700),

try on codepen


#Day39 Package Animated Text Kit

animatedtextkit provides some cool ways to animate text appearences.

  1. Use built in Widget like

    RotateAnimatedTextKit(), TextLiquidFill(), ColorizeAnimatedTextKit() etc.
  2. & Pass a list of text in constructor

    TyperAnimatedTextKit( text: [“Colorize”,“Animated”, “TextKit”,])

  3. Do additional customization if you want. To do that Look into constructor of each Widgets provided.

sample code

animatedtextkit package


#Day40 5 Steps of AnimatedIcon

We can use AnimatedIcon in 5 simple steps.

  1. Define a Stateful Widget whose state mixins with SingleTickerProviderStateMixin.
  2. Define an AnimationController inside state with animation duration and pass this into vsync.
  3. Define a variable that stores wheather animation is at start or end.
  4. Provide the controller to AnimatedIcon.
  5. Animate icon by calling .forward() or .reverse() on AnimationController based on the current state of icon.

play on codepen


#Day41 Path Provider( path_provider package) (common file locations in iOS and Android)

Sometimes we want to get the location of Various common directories like:

Download, Cache, Documents, External Storage, External Cache etc

The package path_provider is build for exact same reason so that we do not have to deal with Platform specific issues by our own.

  1. Add pathprovider to pubspect. `pathprovider: ^verison`
  2. Use it

    //Gives download directory
    Directory tempDir = await getTemporaryDirectory();
    //Gives documents directory
    Directory docDir = await getApplicationDocumentsDirectory();
    //Gives external Storages
    List<Directory> externalStorages = await getExternalStorageDirectories();
    //Gives download directory
    Directory downloadDir = await getDownloadsDirectory();

Download path_provider

#Day42 Flutter ShapeBorder

We can use ShapeBorder to give outline to widgets or Clip them on it’s shape. There are my ShapeBorder like Border, ContinuousRectangleBorder, StadiumBorder, CircleBorder, BeveledRectangleBorder etc.

  1. Use ShapeBorder to give a Widget outline.

        decoration: ShapeDecoration(
            color: Colors.white,
            shape: // Any shape border
  2. Use ShapeBorder to clip a Widget.

        clipper: ShapeBorderClipper(
            shape: // Any shape border
        child: // Any Child to be clipped

try in codepen

shapeborder shapeborder